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Founded in 1919 by Colonel John Reid, the firm is still family owned and occupies a 4 acre site at Christchurch in Dorset

REIDsteel is a structural steel engineering company which has been manufacturing and erecting large commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, grandstands, bridges, process plants, car parks and many other structures worldwide for over 90 years. The key to our success is that we design, manufacture and erect all the elements of our buildings; from the steel structure, the roof and the cladding, to the windows and doors.

Since 1919 we have shipped our work all over the World. Even now a large proportion of our production is exported to places as far apart as Iceland near the Arctic Circle and Raratonga in the South Pacific; to Russia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, some of the mid Atlantic Islands and almost all the Caribbean Islands and Central and South America to its southernmost tip.

RQSC Certificate

RQSC We are permitted to print this Logo having submitted to a Capability & Capacity AUDIT by the British Constructional Steelwork Association which amongst other things takes into account our assets, plant, skills, experience, turnover, financial status, contract references, Product & Public liability insurances etc. Because of our VERSATILITY we were given an A rating (highest) which qualifies us to design and make every form of structural steelwork, from light architectural steel to the largest aircraft hangars and heaviest industrial plant, as well as bridges.

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Queens Award
Queens awards
Queens Award for Enterprise International Trade 2006 2008 2009