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Car Parking Bays

Car Park Bay sizes depend on the country where the car park or parking lot is intended, the size of land available, the vehicle turnover and the proposed use of the car park. Worldwide parking standards exist which specify recommended parking space sizes and bay dimensions.

  • Country - North American cars are slightly bigger and so require larger parking bays, larger roadways and wider parking space sizes.
  • Size of Land - A smaller area of land may demand smaller car parking bays for efficiency
  • Turnover - If the car park is short stay (4 hours or less) then larger bay sizes are easier to park in and allow faster parking
  • Use - A storage car park requires very little space per bay.

Parking bay sizes - Worldwide Standards

For a two way traffic flow we recommend car parking bay sizes of:

Standard Bays - Normal to long term use

Small car park bays sizes for Europe and Asia

Large Bays - For very high turnover car parks e.g. superstores

For high turnover applications the parking space size and car park bay is made wider to help facilitate faster parking.

Large car park bays sizes for Europe and Asia

North America

Small Parking Lot Bay Dimensions - For medium to long term parking

Small car park bays sizes for North America

Large Parking Lot Bay Dimensions - For high frequency use e.g. supermarkets

Small US parking lots with lower traffic levels allow parking space dimensions and bays to be size reduced.

Large car park bays sizes for North America
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