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Car Park Layout

A number of different car park layout options are available which feature efficient use of space and allow pre-fabricated structural steel fabrication, for ease of construction.

As a specialist UK steel construction company we are able to offer expert advice to optimize multi storey car parking layout and design to precisely meet your requirements. We operate worldwide, including offering parking lot design for the US market.

Our space saving parking solutions include innovative car park layouts which can be custom designed to offer the maximum number of parking bays per square metre as well as featuring clever entrance and exit designs to minimize congestion. Recommended types of car parking layouts are shown below, with a description of their benefits:

Spiral Car Park

Multi storey car park with a spiral layout. Two way road parking on a slope This is probably the most efficient car park layout. The spiral car park (parking lot) needs to be about 16m wide and needs to be a minimum of 57m long to work well. Users spiral up and down on the same ramps.

Split Level Car Park

Split level multi storey car park with short ramps between floors The split level car park (parking lot) is a highly efficient shape, especially suited to a site with a slope of 1.5m over the 32m width. The longer the better for efficiency, it will normally be 32m wide.

Wide Split Level Car Park

Split level car park made extra wide by adding a deck The bigger and wider a car park, the more efficient in terms of car parking bays per square metre. In this case further decks of 16m × 72m have been added to a split level car park system.

Split Level Car Park with Quick Return Ramp

A rapid return route makes the building much more user friendly for the customer In this variant of the split level car park there is another ramp added at the exit end to speed up exit. Drivers enter and go up by the long way, but go out the short way. On very large car parks (parking lots) more ramps can be added.

External Ramp

External ramp car park layout External ramps can spiral round at one or both ends; or along one side or both sides; or can wrap around 2 or more sides. External ramps can provide the easiest access and exit solutions, but are not the most efficient in cost per car or car per square metre.

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